The Distinctive Elements of the Hawaiian Islands

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Big Island Hawaii

The eight main islands of Hawaii each have various things to offer visitors. The most popular destination in terms of visitors is O’ahu, which features Waikiki Beach and the iconic Diamondhead. For those who want to get away, Kaua’i and Maui offer the best escapes without skimping on beautiful beaches. The Big Island is still developing, and has fewer beaches to enjoy because it is made of active volcanoes. But for what the Big Island of Hawaii lacks in beach attractions, it more than makes up for in sea-bound activities. We at Hula Girl Sport Fishing are located at Kona on the Big Island, and provide visitors an experience unlike any other.

A Dream Location for a Hawaii Sport Fishing Fan

Your decision on which island to visit, or visit first if you are choosing multiple islands, depends largely on personal preference. Tourists abound on O’ahu, and drop off steeply in Maui and Kaua’i. If you are looking for great mountain views and fantastic fishing, Hula Girl Sport Fishing on the Big Island is the prime choice. Come check us out today!